The history of geology and paleontology are filled with the countless contributions of white American and European men. Women and other minorities have been hidden from history in these sciences. This is what I refer to as the “Bias in the Fossil Record.”

Women and minorities have contributed extensively to geosciences throughout its history. I want to tell the stories of these lesser known pioneers in geology and paleontology. By showing the diversity of the past, I hope to drive better diversity and inclusion today. I may also discuss my general thoughts and commentary on paleontology or diversity/inclusion.

I want to also give a shout out to Dallin Laycock who designed the logo and banner for the site!

About the Author

Portrait of me, the author of the site

Jon Schueth, PhD

A micropaleontologist and geologist with an interest in inclusion and diversity in geosciences. My specialty is calcareous nannofossils, but recently I have worked on inorganic geochemistry and mudstone sedimentology/stratigraphy. I am currently Assistant Professor of Geology at University of Nebraska-Omaha.